Generating reports
Mesmer provides you with a function to generate a downloadable report out of your accessibility violations. This report summarizes and describes your application's violations in detail, in conformance to your currently selected or enabled policy (accessibility standard).
There are two types of accessibility reports that you can generate, based on how violations are summarized:
    By Severity: Groups your violations by severity, with each severity displaying the rules your application violated. Included are the screenshots of the screens associated with them. Choosing this type of report helps you prioritize reviewing violations by severity and rule, plus pinpoint the screens associated with them.
    By Screen: Groups your violations by screen, displaying only the screens containing the objects that violated the rules. Choosing this type of report helps you prioritize knowing what screens have violations in them.
Note: Generating an accessibility report is done through the Accessibility panel. This panel is only available if you have completed a crawl that includes an accessibility check. If you have not done so, please read the Working with Accessibility violations page and follow the instructions there. The instructions provided on this page can only be followed if you have the Accessibility panel available.
To generate a downloadable report from a recently finished accessibility check (crawl):
    Click the Accessibility panel in the Drawer.
    Inside the panel, click the three-dotted ... menu at the top-right corner.
    Finally, click Generate Report.
Generating a report using the Accessibility panel
This will lead you to the Execute Reports screen, where you'll wait for your report to complete. The process runs in the background, so you can either wait for it to complete or do other tasks in Mesmer. If you chose to do the latter, just remember to return to the Execute Reports screen until you see that your report is now available.
Note: The default report generated is a By Severity report. If you want a By Screen type of report, click the Sort by dropdown (in the Accessibility panel), and then select Screen before clicking Generate Report (in the three-dotted menu). By doing so, you ensure that the generated report will display violations by screen and not by severity.
Choosing between Severity or Screen

The Execution Reports screen

The Execution Reports screen
This screen lists all the accessibility reports that you've generated, be it recently or previously. Mesmer records each generated report and includes relevant information such as:
    Name: The provided name is derived by combining these three values:
      The name of the accessibility standard used (e.g., WCAG or SSA).
      The name of the version created from the accessibility standard used.
      The type of report selected, e.g., by Severity or Screen.
    Build: The build number (of the application) used during the accessibility crawl, on which the report is based.
    Created By: The user who generated the report.
    Timestamp: The date and time the report was fully generated or completed.
Also, do note that ten records are displayed per page. You can use the paging or navigation tools provided at the bottom of the screen to browse the records.
Tip: Another way to access the Execute Reports screen is through the Reports menu item in the settings
menu (just beside your profile's avatar).

Downloading a report

After initiating a report generation process in the Accessibility panel, know that your report won't be available for download right away. Notice that the Timestamp value of your report is currently set to Processing.... This means that your report isn't ready for download yet.
Your report is ready for download once a proper timestamp value has been set in the Timestamp column. To download, click on its record and choose to save it in either a PDF or Google Slides format. Since the Execute Reports screen lists all generated reports, you can still download even from past ones.
Download the report by clicking on its associated record

Filtering & searching

To filter the records or reports on the screen, click the Show Created By dropdown at the top-right corner. You filter by user, selecting either a single one or a combination of them. The default filter is set to All, which shows all users' generated reports.
Lastly, you can search for reports by clicking on the magnifying glass
icon near the Show Created By dropdown. You search by report name using the corresponding input field.
Filter and search are available at the top-right corner of the screen
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