Working with the App Map
After Mesmer crawls your app, you will be presented with an App Map which describes the paths that Mesmer took.
Each node in the graph is a thumbnail of a screen that Mesmer discovered, and the lines between them describe the traversal from one screen to another as Mesmer took actions with the app. The screen at the top of the diagram is the initial launch screen, and the “leaf nodes” at the bottom are screens where no further unique screens were found.

Examining screen details

Clicking on a thumbnail in the App Map will enlarge the view of the screen.
If you want to see the device logs generated while a screen was displayed, click the device logs button in the drawer on the right. The drawer will open to show details.
To expand the drawer, click and hold the expand button at the bottom, then drag the drawer to the left to expand it.
Click the “Collapse Drawer” button at the very bottom to close the drawer back to its original state.
To make it easier to work with logs, there are additional options in the upper right of the log pane. The severity filter allows you to view only messages of the given severity, or higher. Additional options let you further filter by a string, change the wrapping behavior of the log lines (toggle soft wrap to fit the size of the pane), and download the log text to your machine.

Additional App Map actions

In the upper left of the App Map screen, additional actions are available.

Replaying the crawl

To watch an accelerated replay of Mesmer’s crawl through your app, click the Replay Crawl button. This is the same replay that you were offered when the crawl completed.

Configuring future crawls

To set defaults for future crawls of the app, select the “Configure Crawl” option from the overflow menu. You can choose which physical or virtual device should be used, as well as the duration of the crawl. Increasing the duration allows for Mesmer to potentially discover new screens, creating a more broad and deep app map, with more recommended test cases.

Running a new crawl

To re-run a crawl of the same version of the app that was previously uploaded, select the Run Crawl options from the overflow menu.

Downloading screens

To download all the screens from the App Map, select the Download Screens option from the overflow menu. You will be prompted to save a zip file with all of the full quality screens captured during the most recent crawl.
Last modified 1yr ago