Managing test cases
The Test Cases screen is where you manage test cases. To access it, click Test Cases > Manage Tests in the toolbar.
Accessing the Test Cases screen through the toolbar
Each test case listed on this screen can be operated individually or in bulk. For example, you can delete each test case one by one or tag several of them in one go. Filtering and sorting features are also provided for handling a large number of test cases. Lastly, this screen also lets you create new test cases.


Filter your test cases to work with them in smaller subsets. This way, you can manage them quickly and not waste time scrolling in the test cases list, looking for the ones you need to work on.

By status

Filtering test cases using the colored status counts
Click on any colored status counts to filter for test cases based on their current status or result. Note that they're mutually exclusive — you can only select one at a time. Here they are, explained:
  • Test cases: Shows all test cases and removes previous filters.
  • Passed: Shows passed test cases only. They're indicated with a green
  • Failed: Shows test cases that had some failure. They're indicated with a red
  • Broken: Shows test cases that couldn't be completed due to an infrastructure error.
Just below the colored status counts are other filtering options that you can use. They're colored in grey and have their own count. Some of them are a subset of the current/filtered status, while the others are entirely their own. For example, the New and Show Mine filter options are constants regardless of what filter status you've specified. On the other hand, the Functional Error option only appears when filtering for passed or failed test cases.
  • New: Shows test cases that you or other users have recently created.
  • App Error: Shows test cases that raised an application exception error during its test run.
  • Functional Error: Shows test cases with failed assertion errors.
  • Show Mine: Shows only the test cases that you or the currently signed-in user has created.

By tags

Filtering test cases using the tags in the Show Tags dropdown
Filter your test cases using the tags you've previously assigned to them. The Show Tags dropdown is where you select one or more tags to narrow down your test cases. A detailed guide for tag filtering can be read in the Using tags as filters section of our Tagging article:
Tip: You can combine one or more tags when filtering your test cases.


Sort your test cases using the Sort by dropdown.
Selecting a sort criterion in the Sort by dropdown
In the dropdown, various sorting criteria are provided to you. Take note that you can only use one of the following at a time:
  • Latest Run: Results from the most recently run tests come first.
  • Status: Results from failed and needs review status come first.
  • Tag: Results from test cases with tags come first.
  • Name: Alphabetically sort test cases by their names.
  • Assignee: Alphabetically sort test cases using the names of their assignees.

Creating new test cases

Aside from managing test cases, you can also create new ones in the Test Cases screen. Click New Test to start building one.
Clicking New Test to create a new test case
is a more detailed guide about creating a new test case that you'll find helpful.
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