Authoring test cases
In this guide, we'll explain Mesmer's various functions for creating effective test cases capable of handling advanced use cases. Back in our Creating a new test case guide, we introduced the basic types of assertions in Mesmer and demonstrated how to write a simple one as part of a functioning test case. But there's more to that. To go beyond the basics, we'll teach you how to:
  • Encode and manage test data for your test cases and be aware of the various data types you'll use.
  • Write different types of assertions for your test cases and get to know the various methods they provide.
  • Attach scripts to your test cases that pull external data from a data source and into your test case.
  • Configure additional options that affect how a test case or its individual action steps behaves.
Each of these functions is represented and accessible by their own tabs in the Actions Panel. Out of all the functions presented, writing assertions for your test cases is the most important one. Nonetheless, the rest of the functions are also necessary in making your test cases useful.
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