Uploading your app build

Android & iOS app upload requirements.

After signing in, you will be asked to upload your app so Mesmer can get started crawling it on a physical or virtual device.

To upload, either:

  • Drag the file into the console from your desktop file manager app, or

  • Click the “Browse Files” link to pull up a file browser to find and select the file.

...yes, it's that simple. 😉 Mesmer works with both Android and iOS apps. Find the specific requirements for each type of app build below.

App upload requirements

Android app
iOS app
Android app

Mesmer accepts Android apps in APK file format. Use either a debug or release build. 👍

You must provide a full build produced by Gradle (or your build tool of choice). 💡If you’re using Gradle with the default configuration, builds will appear in your app module’s build folder, usually app/build/outputs/apk. Depending on how your build.gradle is configured, the location could vary.

🚫 DO NOT use an incremental build produced by Android Studio for "instant run" debugging. To build a debug APK with Android's default build configuration, you might run the command ./gradlew assembleDebug

If your app includes native code, use a build with binaries that target the ABI of your chosen physical or virtual device 🤖 The name of the Android emulator will include target architecture (for example, x86) 📱 For physical devices, target the hardware used by that device

iOS app

Accepted iOS app formats (based on the target device you'd like to work with):

  • 🤖 iPhone simulators: zipped .app bundle

  • 📱 Physical iPhone: .ipa

🤖 To upload a build for iPhone simulators:

  • Use Xcode to target an appropriate build, then find the .app bundle in Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/<project-name>/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator

  • You can also use xcodebuild -sdk iphonesimulator or equivalent command to create the a simulator build in build/Release-iphonesimulator

  • Zip bundle before uploading! (Locate the bundle in Finder, right click the .app entry, and choose "Compress <file>")

💡 One build type per project: Once you upload a build and create a Mesmer project for either simulators of physical devices, that project can only be used for that type of build in the future. For Mesmer to use both, you will need to create a new project for Mesmer to use the other type of build.