Configuring the crawl

Setting up your crawl & Mesmer magic.

Configuring the crawl

You will have to do these 3 important things to configure your crawl. 👇

1) Provide test logins

If your app allows the user to sign in, you should provide credentials (username and password) suitable for a test account. Click the “add” button to enter that data. Mesmer will automatically figure out how to enter the credentials when it sees a sign-in prompt.

User sign in prompt - press the "add" button to add credentials

2) Select the type of device to crawl

Choose a device to run the crawl. Depending on what you requested, there will be some physical or virtual devices.

Choose one of the devices provisioned to your account

3) Set the crawl duration

Mesmer will prompt you to input how much time it should spend crawling your app. The more time, the better—it allows Mesmer to discover more screens in your app, resulting in a more comprehensive App Map and improves the likelihood of discovering a crash.

Choose maximum crawl duration

Completing the crawl

1) Let Mesmer do its thing

After uploading your app, a new project gets created and Mesmer starts its magic—so all you need to do is watch Mesmer crawl the app... or just chill. It might take a few minutes for Mesmer to set up the device, install and launch the app, and begin the crawl.

Keep in mind that Mesmer will not navigate the app as fast as a person who knows what they’re doing. 30 minutes should be enough for it to discover several screens. Allowing more time will give you a more comprehensive view and more insights post-crawl.

2) Watch the replay, see what tests Mesmer recommends, or run another crawl

After the crawl is complete, you can watch a high-speed replay of Mesmer working its magic, review new recommended tests, or run another crawl.