How do I prepare my build for Mesmer?
Preparing your build for Mesmer requires understanding what features you will need to use.

Mesmer Build Upload Checks

Mesmer does a number of checks automatically to inform you if there are any potential issues when uploading a binary. Checks are performed to ensure that Mesmer automatically functions as expected after you've uploaded a build.

Standard vs. Advanced Features

Mesmer supports two types of builds: Standard and Advanced.
A standard build is similar to what you'd upload to the Google Play or Apple App Store. This is all that's required to use most AX Testing features.
An advanced build requires additional configuration to allow:
  • Accessibility Module
  • Device Camera
  • GPS
  • Biometric Identification
  • Keychain Access (iOS)
In both cases, Mesmer will resign the application with its certificate.

Virtual and Physical

Depending on the devices provisioned into your Mesmer Device Cloud, you should prepare the builds as follows)
Virtual Device
Physical Device
Zipped .app Folder (.app are folders and must be zipped first)
Developer or Enterprise .ipa binary
Enable x86 Flag for .apk Binary
Standard .apk Binary

Android Builds

For Android builds, there are a number of limitations that are encountered in resigning the binary.
Each build should adhere to the following recommended configuration:
  • Disable Anti-Tampering Tools - Application binaries that are shipped to the public app stores should check for file integrity and certificates. For Mesmer to test an application fully, these types of tools should be disabled.
  • Enable 3rd Party Certificate - Many applications use third-party APIs such as Google Maps. Mesmer's Android signing certificate should be whitelisted on these services for proper use. Contact [email protected] for the SHA1 signing certificate.

Android Strict Mode

If your build is unstable and frequently crashing or not collecting accessibility violations, attempt a build with strict mode off expand coverage.

iOS Builds

For iOS Builds on physical devices, either an Enterprise or Developer build can be used. Enterprise builds do not require resigning, while developer builds need to be resigned using the Mesmer profile.
Due to resigning, certain applications may experience limited functionality for:
  • Push Notifications - Notifications will not function properly if a Developer build is uploaded.
  • Apple Pay - Apple pay will not function properly if a Developer build is uploaded.
  • Keychain - Certain Apple Key Chain functionality may be limited on a Developer build.

Apple App Store Builds

Builds that are submitted for or signed by the Apple App Store are not supported. Please upload an Enterprise or Developer build when using Mesmer.
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