How do I integrate with Jira?
To integrate Mesmer with Jira, start by clicking the
gear icon next to your profile's avatar. Then, click Jira Integration.
On the Jira Integration screen, provide the details of your Jira account in the provided fields. Take note that all fields are required.
  • Jira URL: Enter only the domain name of your Jira account. Don't include the protocol (HTTP, HTTPS).
  • Jira Project Name: The name of your Jira project that Mesmer will integrate with. This is case-insensitive.
  • Email: The email of any administrator-level user in your Jira account.
  • API Token: Any active API token you have in your Jira account.
Finally, click Save to validate your specified Jira configuration. Mesmer will alert you if the validation passes or not. If it fails, please review and ensure the Jira data you've provided are valid.
Last modified 1yr ago
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