Working with recommended test cases

After Mesmer completes a crawl of your app, it will notify you that there are some recommended test cases based on what it discovered in the App Map.

Clicking on “View Tests” will take you to a screen where you can review these recommendations.

If you want to revisit recommended use cases another time, you can also view them using the “Test Cases” menu at the top of the console.

You can also find a link to the recommended use cases in the crawl history pane.

The recommended test cases screen looks like this.

A Mesmer crawl might not be able to discover every feature of your app. If you want to guide a custom test case, you can manually create a new test case. This allows you to manually operate a live view of your app loaded in the Mesmer console, while it records your actions for future playback.

Recommended test case summary

At the top of the screen of recommended test cases is a summary of test cases, including the total count, the number that exhibited an error at runtime, and the number to review.

Recommended test cases to review

When a test case is marked as “to review”, that indicates a warning was discovered in the app’s log generated during that case. The case will have a yellow marker at the top right of its box, and the particular screen where the error occurred will have a yellow tint to it.

You can indicate to Mesmer if the warning is actually a defect by clicking the screenshot to expand it, viewing the associated log, and using the dropdown below the log.

Recommended test case errors

Similar to test cases to review, if the crawl discovers a defect, such as a crash or some other anomaly, Mesmer will indicate that with a red marker, and the screen where the error occurred will have a red tint to it. Similar to cases that need review. You will be able to examine the screen by clicking it.

Recommended test case actions

After you’ve reviewed the recommended test cases generated by Mesmer, there are a number of actions you can take on them.

Rename test case

To change the title of the test case, click the edit icon next to the generated title, type the new title, and hit enter. Good titles describe the specific sequence of events that lead to the final screen, and clearly distinguish the case from other test cases.

Accept test case

To add the test case to your project’s regular test cases for future execution, click the “Accept Test” button in the upper right of the test case box.

If you want to accept multiple test cases at the same time:

  1. Select each of them using the bulk selector in the upper left of the test case box.

  2. Click the “Accept all Selected Tests” button at the top right of the screen.

Once a recommended test case has been accepted, it will show up as part of your project’s tests to be run again for future builds of your app. Each accepted test case can then be configured and run from the Mesmer console.