Test case tags

After some time, you might accumulate many test cases that reach the various features and functionality of your app. You can use tags to organize your tests into logical groups to make them easier to manage and execute. Each test case can have up to five tags, or no tags at all.

Assigning and modifying tags

You have several opportunities to assign a tag:

  • During the creation of a new test case

  • During the editing of an existing test case

  • During the examination of test results

In all cases, you will see an “Add Tag” button along the top of the display in the same row as the title. Click this button and type the name of the tag you want to use.

Tag names are free-form text. You can use any convention you want to determine a naming scheme. You might use the name of a particular function of your app, such as “purchase” or “search-albums”. You might also use the name of a particular situation or state, such as “user-signed-out” or “location-boston”.

You can change the name of a tag by clicking on the text itself. Changing the name of a tag only makes the change for the single test case where it was added – it will not affect other test cases with the same tag.

You can remove a tag from a test case by clicking the “X” button next to the tag.

Using tags as filters

After you have at least one tag defined for a test case, you can filter the list of test cases and test results to show only the items with the tags you select. On either of those screens, there is a “Show Tags” filter dropdown menu on the right of the screen.

You can select any number of tags from this list by clicking them to toggle the tag on or off. The list will immediately update to reflect the choice. It will contain all items that have any of the selected tags (using a logical OR, not a logical AND). Use the “clear all” option to remove all selected tags from the filter.

Test cases can also be sorted using the “Sort by” dropdown at the far right:

  • Last Run: results from most recently run tests come first

  • Status: results from failed and needs review status come first

  • Tags: results from test cases with tags come first