1.7.184 2021/09/13

UI Changes

Incompatible Devices Not Displayed

When a user records a test, they currently see devices incompatible with their application build greyed out.
As these are not actually selectable they have been removed from the UI.

Crawl Device Status Corrected

When a crawl was waiting for a device it was showing the status 'Crawling', leading to confusion. Now the device will show the correct status of 'Queued' until it is able to acquire the device.


Gherkin Playground

When adding Gherkin snippets to the product you now can access the DOM with a new feature known as Gherkin Playground. This appears when selecting the icon that looks like an org chart in the Gherkin View.

Support Swipe and Type (Input) Actions

Previously we did not have Gherkin support for Swipe and Input. That syntax has now been added! From the documentation on the help site

Type Action


Read more on our help site!
Last modified 4mo ago