1.7.167 - 2021/05/10
Release Notes
In addition to a number of smaller bugs and performance improvements that were resolved this week, there was one notable larger feature released:

📲 Re-base like an Ace.

Re-base more errors. Mesmer has expanded the number of scenarios when you can re-baseline a step in a test. Now many more common errors experienced in a step can be re-baselined. There are still a few bad failures (e.g., crashes) where not enough data is captured to re-baseline correctly.

🤓 Pass. Fail. Pass. Fail by Screen

A new accessibility report type has been born. This report type identifies what WCAG checkpoint has been checked by screen. Each enabled checkpoint indicates a Pass or Fail for that checkpoint and an issue count.
Accessibility report format that shows a table with 6 columns. From left to right, each column is headed as follows: Guideline, Level, Severity, Total, Status, View on Mesmer. The fifth row labeled as "1.3.1 Info and Relationships" shows a "Fail" status and a link to "View #1" violation.
To run the new report, go to any Accessibility Crawl, select the ... expansion menu and Select "Generate Report" and "Sort by Screen (Checkpoints)":
A screenshot showing the section to activate the "Sort by Screen (Checkpoints) report as described in the text above.

🧲 Webhook Your Run Results.

Now all of those wonderful batch notifications can notify back to your webhook. To setup your registered webhook address, go into your Avatar -> Profile and fill in your results webhook.
Your profile screenshot with the new webhook field and "Update Webhook" button.
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