1.7.161 - 2021/03/29
Release Notes

πŸ“ Add a note

See an accessibility issue. Write a note. Any note that you make will be pushed through to the ticket you make or surfaced in a report:
Screenshot of an accessibility issue in Mesmer with ability to add a note to it.

πŸ€– Instruct the Bot. By Screen.

A common issue is when a random application popup appears only in a new version of the app. This doesn't break the flow of a journey or test, but it adds a random occurrence, often for a promotion or a critical notification, that may make a test fail on a step.
How can you instruct a the Bot past a screen?
Well, we've given you to power to bypass the screen or a popup using a variety of conditions that instruct the Bot to perform a certain way - every time -- when it encounters that popup or screen. In the past, we'd train our bots to handle these for you, but now, we're trying the joystick of the Bot over to you.
Screenshot of an example of Instruct the Bot by Screen from the Mesmer Object Library.
So, be careful, as an over instructed Bot might do funky things.
Mesmer calls this Customer (that's you) in the Loop (CITL). You now have the power to provide even more training inputs to the bot to make Mesmer even better for your app. This will help you get past things the Bot might just get stuck on much faster.
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